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Look in your documents/ets2 (ats)/steam_profiles, it should be there. I've noticed with ets2 everytime i start a new profile i have to copy the control setting over from an existing profile so i don't have to set up my f710 controller again and again.

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I think controls.sii has a lot of potential ps2:

American truck simulator controls.sii. Make sure no other inputs have the same key mappings! It was tested on saves from euro truck simulator 2 and american truck simulator. By default, it will be in your documents/[euro truck simulator 2/american truck simulator.

When i drive in ats, the wheel does fine and matches the game, but after a certain turning distance (3/4 turn from wheel's starting point) my truck's wheel jerks and turns all the way to that direction. Can i import ets2 controls.sii into ats to save messing about? Discover 15 new cities, admire colorado river with the grand canyon, and explore a.

This decoding is done automatically when binary format is encountered. This way keeps your garages, starting city, drivers, trucks, xp, and purchased items intact.the only thing that may change is your money, and that's not in my control at all, it is the game server. Despite the fact that the game has a realistic physics of controlling a truck vehicle, both a complete layman with a keyboard and a veteran with an advanced steering wheel can play it.

Pc | controls american truck simulator guide. Camera definitions folder (/def/camera) is using camera_storage(.infix).sii files as storage files defining cameras that can be used by player while in game (ui interface is not handled by cameras, as ui is drawn directly on screen 2d plane).note that this defines only storage for available in game cameras, but which camera is used in the game depends on. My documents\euro truck simulator 2\profile\ profile_id \controls.sii the file gets created when the controller or keyboard option screen is opened for the first time and contains a set of configuration lines which describe various components of the configuration.

When creating a profile you can decide what controller type you will use and what type of gearbox. Extreme trucker ↳ 18 wheels of steel: It will be updated as soon as possible.

As the title says, are these compatible per chance, i always used to copy them over to new profiles in ets 2 to save a lot of messing around setting up custom controls and wheels/pedals etc. Extreme trucker 2 ↳ euro truck simulator ↳ german truck simulator ↳ uk truck simulator ↳ trucks & trailers ↳ bus driver ↳ scania truck driving simulator ↳ mods ↳ maps ↳ models ↳ trucks ↳ trailers ↳ skins Now with ats being practically the same game, with i guess all the same controls.

Since my control binds are still the same i assume it’s still in a directory somewhere, have any of you guys found where that file is now? I will use my reefer load mod for all examples as it is published in both 1.37 & 1.38 versions; As i was editing a config.cfg file on my steam cloud profile i noticed the “controls.sii” file isn’t in there with the config file.

It can also decode binary format normally used in these saves into its textual form. Arizona map expansion for american truck simulator released! We are happy to announce that we are releasing arizona dlc for american truck simulator today.

Take a look at the pictures to choose your colour. Scs games, euro truck simulator 2, american truck simulator, spintires, snowrunner, etc. Like probably most of you, i also play ets2.

American truck simulator game.sii file content version #1 note: Scs moved from using the.sii extension to the.sui extension as part of the change to game version 1.38. We'd like to thank all those who took part in the 1.41 open beta, made bug reports, and provided general feedback on this new version.

American long haul ↳ 18 wheels of steel: Every controls.sii tips&tricks are welcome. ↳ 18 wheels of steel:

The same logic applies to any trailer or cargo mod and this approach can be used. Step one find your profile that you want to duplicate. Your control configs are stored in a file called controls.sii.

Truck_simulator_v1.0.ino assumes that the splitter button is mapped to the z key and the range button is mapped to the x key. It means you no longer have to manually change format (g_save_format) the game is using while writing the saves. \controls.sii, thank you all for your help.

My documents\euro truck simulator 2\profile\profile_id\controls.sii you can maintain multiple copies of this file, each configured for as many controllers as you like, and just copy them into place depending on which controller you want to use. I am manually configuring my controls.sii file, and sometimes i wish to leave some comments in the code to remind me of why i did what i did. The definitive community for truck simulators:

Make sure to set the device in game as gamepad, not wheel, or the game will map yoke tilt range (less than 180° i assume) to whole steering wheel rotation range (840°). (if i can't find it, i'll get back to you) z.

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